My Appa is the BEST!!

My Appa sings well.

At night, he comes back humming.

Because it is late he just sleeps.

(Note: Any mis-translation please point it out. I’m still learning Korean. Thank you for reading, peace!)

Hey, it’s actually more like:

My appa is the best

My appa sings well.

And he is a firefly.

At night he buzzes about (or ‘buzz buzz flies’)

And in the afternoon he just sleeps.

Hope this helps and good luck with learning Korean! :)


i hate it

when you’re drawingimage

and you’re like

‘hey this looks not like a piece of shit wHY DONT WE FINISH IT???’

and then you go in for the kill




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How many times have you watched the teaser trailer?



My therapist asked me to create something “motivating” so I made these.


These are awesome! Really. You hit everything on the “list” and in a humorous way which makes it more awesome. Everything from taking a shower to remembering your meds when your depressed is a major challenge. All these things are things I struggle with when I hit a depressive episode. I’m sure they seem silly and small to those without a mood disorder, but they’re huge accomplishments to those of us who are sufferers and we should acknowledge that.  tl;dr You rock, holyhotpantsbatman!

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*aggressively rewatches Season 1 of Hannibal in one sitting*

My life

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John Watson : Denials 




the second one nearly made me pee my pants

Real life insanity wolf

I’m using these as reactions!

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It’s as if StMy decided to go all Baby-Sitters Club in this chapter…

It’s as if StMy decided to go all Baby-Sitters Club in this chapter…